Who am I?

I have a strong interest in everything that moves a human being. My life has been set out for personal development, that of myself and the people that I have been able of working with.

My career has unfolded as a triptych. As a young female adult, I worked as a speech therapist in an academic hospital. I discovered that I seamlessly fitted in with the feelings of the parents and the children that I worked with. By staying close to myself, I managed to get close to the feelings of my clients, and with that, I enabled their personal development.

Thereafter and for 30 years, I have worked as a trainer and coach for companies. In this phase of my career, I was able to strengthen myself by enabling the personal development of others. As a behavioural trainer, I taught becoming trainers in the Netherlands, Russia and China.

By now I am an advanced practitioner in the fields of therapy and coaching and I now have my own therapy practice. Together with my clients, I explore active patterns and the underlying desires that they withhold. More specifically, we discover together which mechanisms are at work that supress their core desires. I create security and challenge my clients to empower themselves to access their inner core, through which they will be able to find answers. With coaching, I increase one’s ability to activate access to all the sources of potential within oneself. The basic purpose is thus to enable one to act through one’s own strength.

Photocredits: Sofia Lovegrove

My approach

Together, we will explore who you truly are. First, by unraveling the recurring patterns that are operating in your life. This will enable us to define recognisable themes and gain insights on your behaviour which may lead you to undesirable situations. With the help of creative work forms, inner shadow counterparts of oneself can be brought to the surface.

Examples of such work forms are storytelling, archetypes, drawings, polarities, dreams and active imaginations. With the use of these symbolic realities, you are able to view your inner world, in which unknown forces and qualities are present. Through the acknowledgement and acceptance of these forces and qualities you will start to experience wholeness. The way that you feel on the inside will start to correspond more with your behaviour towards the outside world.

As a result, you will be enabled to act with confidence and trust. You will become more free and independent from others, while your interconnectedness will simultaneously deepen. You enter the world from a strong inner standpoint.


“I feel very lucky to have Truus as my coach. Truus has provided an open door and allowed me to present a variety of personal and professional endeavours. She calls upun a large background of knowledge and skills. Her power and engagement have enlivened my own resources to help myself and grow. Resulting actions can be challenging but are realistic and concrete.”


Photocredits: The Book of Symbols
Gouache on paper, Punjab – India

Photo 1 slider: The Book of Symbols
Georgia O’Keeffe – Lake George, 1922 Verenigde Staten

Photo 2 & 3 slider: Private owned painting
Reflection – Marli Turion

Photo 4 slider: Private owned painting
The Wolf – Huang Zhiqiong