When is therapy advisable?

Therapy is suitable when recurring patterns appear, which constitute repetitions that you wish to investigate from inside out. Through such an examination, you will be able to create consciousness and effectiveness in your actions.

Questions such as:

  • How to come across to others in the way that I experience my inner self?
  • How can I gain more energy?
  • How can I let go of my compulsive behaviour?
  • How can I handle stress, grief, guilt, jealousy or shame?
  • How can I identify and change recurring patterns in my relationships?
  • How can I let go of my loyalty when it starts to work against me?
  • What lies at the core of my feelings of emptiness and suppression?

The length of a therapy course varies. It starts with sessions of one hour, once a week. If desired, the frequency of the sessions can decrease to one session every two or three weeks.

The starting point of analytical psychology

Analytical psychology is part of the school of Depth Psychology. Carl Gustav Jung laid the foundations for analytical psychology and since then, his ground-breaking work has been extensively built upon.

90% of behaviour is determined by personal and collective unconsciousness. If you are moved by another person, in a positive or negative manner, this may reflect what you have supressed. This is a shadow counterpart of oneself and manifests itself in recurring patterns. Since your shadow counterpart is not within your consciousness, you have not given yourself the chance to articulate these subconscious or supressed feelings. Through awareness and acceptance of the shadow parts, more space in the contact with others arises, as well as interconnectedness. Your authentic Self wants to be recognised and grows from within. These imposing powers are autonomous and directed at the balance of the female or male side within you. As this balance increases, you will experience more empowerment and gradually it will become easier for you to use your personal added value in ‘society’.

“Development is within oneself”.

Photo 1 slider: Private owned – painting
The Wolf – Huang Zhiqiong

Photo 2 slider: Private owned – painting
Reflection – Marli Turion

Photo 3 slider: The Book of Symbols
A woman in Southern India completed a ‘visual prayer’

Photo 4 slider: Private owned – painting
Reflection – Marli Turion