Analytic therapy and coaching

Are you looking for a therapist or coach who creates a sense of security and swiftly gains access to the core of your question and underlying desires?

Then you can contact me.

My point of departure is that all the answers are already within you. Through dialogue, based on equality, I will guide you to self-development. In order to activate the side within you that is longing to be integrated.

“Every human being has a core which aspires to be acknowledged”.

Foto 1 slider: Private owned – painting
Reflection – Marli Turion

Photo 2 slider: The Book of Symbols
Georgia O’Keeffe – Lake George, 1922 United States

Photo 3 slider: Private owned – painting
The Wolf – Huang Zhiqiong

Photo 4 slider: The Book of Symbols
Lily Sandover Kngwarreye – Sandover River, 1989 Australië