When is coaching advisable?

Coaching often starts with a work-related question. In hindsight, one realises these issues often also resonate through other areas in life. During the coaching sessions, we take a closer look at issues within your private life, while not losing focus of your leadership abilities within your current work and your career at large.

Questions such as:

  • How do I stand up for myself at work?
  • How do I avoid recurring conflicts in the workplace?
  • How can I create a positive profile and development in my career?
  • How can I create a healthier balance between my private and my working life?
  • How to position my authority in an authentic manner?
  • How to handle influences and power?
  • How do I set boundaries?

The length of a coaching trajectory varies between 6 to 10 sessions, over a period of between six and nine months.

The focus within coaching

In coaching, we search for personal themes that relate to your coaching question while using a systemical approach. What are your desires and what would you consider a good result of the coaching? Are you happy with the position you hold in your work and private life? Are you too eager or do you expect too little in respect to your personal abilities? Do you have a good give-and-take balance with colleagues, your boss, partners, children and friends? We explore what you can do with your own uniqueness so that you can growto your greatest self. During the course of the coaching sessions, you will notice that your talents will become more easily converted into behaviour, and thus they will make a difference for yourself and others. It goes without saying that through this process, you will strengthen and broaden your contribution to society, within your work and family.

Who do I coach?

I provide coaching to people from all layers of an organisation and everybody who has questions regarding personal development. I’m an expert in the dynamics that prevail within organisations and the influence this has on the role of an individual within the work environment. I work with people from different cultural backgrounds and with expats.

Photo 1 slider: Private owned – painting
Reflection – Marli Turion

Photo 2 slider: The Book of Symbols
Lily Sandover Kngwarreye – Sandover River, 1989 Australië

Photo 3 slider: The Book of Symbols
A woman in Southern India completed a ‘visual prayer’

Photo 4 slider: The Book of Symbols
Georgia O’Keeffe – Lake George, 1922 United States